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Reasons to Invest Your Tax Return in Vinyl Windows | Southwest Vinyl Windows | southwestvinylwindows.com

Although tax season can be stressful, tax returns are the payoff that we all look forward to. After working hard for yet another year, you reap the benefits in the form of a check from the IRS. Then comes the fun part: Deciding what to spend it on. Should you tuck it away in a savings account? That’s always a smart choice, but if you’re anything like us, you’ve saved plenty throughout the year.  How about a shopping spree? Enjoyable in the moment, but it’s not likely you’ll be wearing those impulse-purchase shoes next year.

What about vinyl windows? We know—it’s not a very romantic-sounding proposal. But home improvement projects are one of the smartest ways to spend your tax return, and vinyl windows come with the added bonus of being a money-saving measure in and of themselves.


Our vinyl double hung windows are affordable for Philadelphia homeowners of every tax bracket. We’re able to fairly price both our windows and our installation services because we manufacture everything right here in Pennsylvania. Aside from the initial purchase and installation, vinyl windows will continue to save you money for years to come. Since these windows are created with insulating technology like SwiggleSeal warm-edge glass spacers, you’ll find that (with proper installation) your heating and cooling bills are reduced.

An investment only makes sense if it’s long term. You can trust that Southwest Vinyl Windows, Inc.’s products are just that. We use only the sturdiest materials to ensure that each window is built to last. Additionally, vinyl is easy to care for, and won’t rot or warp. Plus, each window comes with a full warranty on both construction and materials.

Although the word “vinyl” has a certain connotation to homeowners, our windows are neither cheap-looking nor boring. We offer a wide variety of window options, from awning to bay windows. Montgomery County, PA homeowners can proudly install our windows in their elegant homes for a seamlessly beautiful look.

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