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3 Reasons to Install Double-Hung Vinyl Windows | Southwest Vinyl Windows | southwestvinylwindows.com


Not only are double-hung vinyl windows durable and require low-maintenance, but they will also help to enhance the energy efficiency of your home. These models will provide you and your family with a high definition view of your beautiful landscape and an impressive level of protection. Below, are three reasons to replace your outdated window models with the innovative designs of double-hung vinyl windows:


Energy Efficiency


Experts specializing in the installation of double-hung vinyl windows in Delaware County, PA—such as Southwest Vinyl Windows, Inc.—encourage individuals to replace their old windows to enhance the energy efficiency of their homes. Double-hung vinyl windows significantly decrease heating and cooling costs since they limit the amount of air infiltration into your home. Since the high performance weather stripping keeps warm air inside throughout the colder months, and outside throughout those that are hot—these innovative window designs will maximize the overall comfort of your home all year round. Through the installation of these windows, homeowners will also see a significant decrease in HVAC expenses, since the controlled temperature of your residence will no longer be affected by infiltrating air.



The easy-to-clean attribute of double-hung vinyl windows should encourage all homeowners to purchase windows of this design. These windows do not allow for the accumulation of water, since they are designed with sloped sills. You should also be relieved to know that you can easily clean the outside of the windows from the inside, since both of the sashes tilt inward. This feature eliminates the dangerous necessity of climbing ladders and attempting to access windows at great heights—which is common with old window designs. Additionally, the sleek and smooth vinyl materials that are used in the construction of these products help to make cleaning the outer edges of the windows a quick and simple process. In fact, any chosen vinyl window design will never have to be painted because of it’s incredible clean-ability.




Most of the available vinyl double-hung windows near Delaware County, PA are designed with 7/8” double-pane insulated glass and are fusion welded for superior strength. Unlike older window models, these windows are increasingly sturdy and long-lasting. Homeowners are urged to rely on the dependability of these windows to maximize the protection of their families. The manufacturers are so confident in the advanced quality of the cutting-edge window designs, that they provide comprehensive warranties on construction and materials. The strength and overall safeguard of these windows completely dominates over the fragile designs of outdated structures. By installing these models, you will have more peace of mind regarding the protection for your home and family.

Choose to replace your outdated window models with the cutting-edge design of vinyl double-hung windows. These models will increase the energy efficiency and protection of your home, as well as require a lot less maintenance than older models. By choosing to install double-hung vinyl windows, you’ll save money, increase your family’s safeguard, and limit frustration when performing maintenance. Make the clear choice when exploring window options and choose to purchase double-hung vinyl windows.