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Choosing the Right Type of Glass for Your Windows

After doing plenty of research, you’re ready to buy new windows for your home. You know the exact size and type of window that you want in each room of your house. But did you know that you can also choose a different kind of glass for your windows? At Southwest Vinyl, one of the best vinyl window companies in Lansdowne and surrounding areas, our customizable windows can be fitted with four additional types of glass to make your home look its absolute best.

  • Decorative Grids: Available in the popular colonial or diamond patterns, these grids can make your windows look more attractive and also increase curbside appeal.

-       Applications: Grids are most common on double-hung windows, especially in the colonial pattern. However, they can also look very charming when included on the side windows in a bay window.

  • Frosted Privacy Glass: As the name suggests, frosted glass is an excellent choice for areas where you want to let in light, but you don’t want others to see what’s behind the glass. It’s an excellent choice for windows that are too small for the use of blinds or curtains.

-       Applications: Sidelight windows (those small windows next to your front door) look stunning with frosted glass. It is also an ideal choice for bathroom windows.

  • Low “E” Glass - Low-E stands for low emissivity, which means that it does not allow as much infrared or ultraviolet light to pass through. An ultra-thin, invisible coating is applied to the glass. In practice, it means that you will lose less heat during the winter and prevent more heat from entering your home in the summer.

-       Applications: This coating can be applied to just about any window of your home, but it is especially useful for larger windows to increase insulation.

  • Argon Gas - Window panes filled with argon gas can help reduce your energy costs by reducing the transfer of heat. They can also help prevent condensation and frost from building up on your windows.

-       Applications: Like Low-E glass, argon gas can be used on most windows to increase your home’s insulation, and might be best used on standard double-hung windows, bay windows, or bow windows.

No matter what type of windows you’re replacing, Southwest Vinyl can create something exactly to your specifications, right down to the type of glass you want. Even if you want to buy awnings in Philadelphia to save energy and change the look of your home, Southwest Vinyl has everything you need. Give us a call today at 215-809-3700 for a free quote.