3 Ways to Switch up the Look and Feel of Your Home in 2018

Every homeowner wants their property to be the best-looking on the block. By making just a few changes, you can update the look of your home and give your house a makeover!

Now that 2018 has arrived, resolve to turn your home into a space that you’re more comfortable in. Consider taking one of these three steps from our team here at Southwest Vinyl Windows, the leading provider of windows and door awnings in the Philadelphia region, to change the look and feel of your home this year

  • A fresh coat of paint. Whether it’s inside the interior of the dining room or on the exterior of the home itself, nothing says “new look” like a fresh coat of paint! Before you get the brushes out, make sure to check with your homeowner’s association to ensure that the color you’re considering is approved for your neighborhood before you invest in that gorgeous shade of neon pink or baby blue.
  • Improved lawn care. It’s amazing what the difference a simple bed of flowers or new hardscaping can make in giving your yard a whole new look. While you might not be able to plant new flowers during the winter, it’s never too early to start planning for what the spring season can bring! For bonus style points, try incorporating flowers with colors that coordinate with the color of your home’s paint or vinyl siding.
  • Custom made windows. Did you know that it’s now possible to even customize the windows in your home? It’s true! Custom vinyl windows offer you and your family more protection from the elements and can give the interior and exterior of your home a whole new aesthetic with a single upgrade.

Now that 2018 has officially arrived, it’s time to think about how you can help your home stand out, and Southwest Vinyl Windows can help! If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of installing new windows in your home or buy awnings in Philadelphia, give us a call today at 610-626-8826 to get started!