The Top Ways to Give Your Home Some More Personality

Though there’s something to be said for uniformity when it comes to customizing our living space. If you’re living in a home that has a little less personality than you’d like, fear not! There are quick and functional ways that you can improve the look of your home without breaking the bank. Check out these top tips for changing the mood of your home.

  • Rearrange your furniture. The feel of your home starts on the inside. Doing something as simple as moving your desk to a different window or switching the direction of your bed can make a room feel completely different- without the need to spend any cash.
  • Decorate with awnings. Interested in adding a little more color to your home? We can’t all paint our houses pink, but you can add a fashionable and functional awning. Door awnings in Philadelphia have become especially popular because they provide an attractive option to show off your personality. With an almost endless number of colors, patterns, and shades, awnings in Philadelphia can add a pop of color to your home while also remaining functional.
  • Embrace your green thumb. If you want to get a little closer to nature, planting flowers or ferns in your yard can add color and show off your aesthetic tastes. Plants can also transform the interior of your home, providing fresher air as well as a totally different look. Most plants are easy to take care of, and daily watering can be added as a daily chore even young children can handle. Not much room in your home to spare? Small desktop plants, like a bonsai tree, make a huge impact while taking up very little space. No green thumb to speak of? Fake plants, particularly orchids, can look almost identical to the real deal.

For more information on how to give your home more personality, reach out to Southwest Vinyl today to learn about our variety of options.