How to Add a 50s Flair to Your Home

The 1950s marked the beginning of a unique time period for music, social change, and home décor. Coming off the post-war recovery period, the home décor of the 1950s radiated a cheerful optimism for the future, which was reflected in the style choices of the time. Even if you didn’t live through the nifty 50s yourself, many people still admire the bright colors and patterns that came along with this memorable decade. If you want to add some 50s flair to your home, take our tips to get the look just right.

  • Paint with pastels. The quickest and easiest way to give your home an inexpensive injection of vintage flair is with a pastel color scheme! Pastel color palettes were wildly popular in the 1950s, with pink, mint green, pale yellow and turquoise taking the top color spots. The kitchen and bedrooms were the most common rooms in the house to incorporate a pastel color scheme, and today all of these colors still look great, especially in a child’s bedroom or a vintage-themed living room!
  • Add awnings. From kitchen overhangs to outdoor areas, there’s no denying that homeowners in the 1950s loved to get their shade in style.Awnings in Philadelphia have had a surge in popularity in recent years thanks to their cooling powers during the summer. Today,door awnings in Philadelphia are an excellent way to add a pop of color to the outside of your home!
  • Embrace vibrant patterns. The style of the 50s could definitely be described as big and bold! Patterned dresses, tea towels and curtains featuring abstract art, fruit and flowers were a common sight in American households in the 1950s. Looking to add a subtle hint from the decade? Many retailers still sell hand towels with the notorious “boomerang” pattern that became famous during this decade, and they make an excellently understated design choice!

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